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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

For your child’s oral health care, we have specialized services in pediatric dental care. Our pediatric dental care helps to mitigate all kinds of oral and dental diseases occurring during childhood through our services such as flossing, teeth alignment, cavity filling etc.

We also have child-friendly diagnostic tools to examine oral and dental health be it through x rays, dental sonograms, or dental malocclusion interceptive orthodontic treatment.

Through our preventive or procedural treatments, your child gets to have healthy teeth and a shining smile.


Fluoride treatments

The fluoride treatments help to keep your teeth strong. We either prescribe a mouthwash or carry out regular check-ups to suffice the fluoride nutrient needed for healthy teeth.

We also have specialized fluoride treatment for children above the age of
Our fluoride treatments prevent the growth of bacteria and protect your teeth from decay. It also restores the minerals on your teeth for a strong enamel.

Laser treatment for gum diseases
Gum diseases can occur if dental hygiene is not maintained. This allows bacterial accumulation on the gums causing bleeding gums, swelling, gingivitis, periodontitis.

These diseases, if not treated at the right time, can affect your lungs and heart.

Signs of gum diseases

  1. Red and swollen gums
  2. Bad breath
  3. Bleeding gums
  4. Loose teeth
  5. Veneers
  6. Oral cancer screening

With laser treatment for gum diseases, the gum diseases can be treated effectively. Our laser treatment services for gum diseases are less invasive , less bleeding , painless, and short so that recovery can be faster. Our laser treatments to cure gum diseases reduces dietary restrictions post procedures.

If you are conscious about your smile during a social or a professional set-up due to chipped or uneven teeth. Our cosmetic dentistry services through veneers to let you smile freely.
Through veneers you can :

  1. Repair dental problems easily
  2. Less invasive
  3. Gives a natural appearance
  4. Permanent and durable

6) Oral cancer screening
Oral cancers can go undetected under the garb of gum diseases or gum boils and sores. We recommend oral cancer screening as a part of regular dental check-ups for patients who chew tobacco and smoke cigarettes.
Oral screening examines the patient’s:

  1. Lips
  2. Tongue
  3. Side of the Cheeks
  4. Back of the throat
  5. Gums

After the oral screening, we also conduct a biopsy to determine if the abnormal cells are malignant or benign.
We have a specialized empanelled team of oncologists in Hyderabad.
Our oral cancer screening also helps us to determine the oral cancer stage and prescribe the necessary treatments to combat it.