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Best World Class Facilities

We help you give the best of the facilities to make sure that you are at ease. We assist you in terms of

  • World class ambience with a comfortable and friendly environment.
  • Ample reception area with skilled staff who proudly represent Eledent who are available 24/7 to assist and welcome you.
  • Accommodated with a inhouse pharmacy, so that you can get all your medicines at a single go instead of searching for them at various medical stores.
  • We have well built and furnished hygiene cafeteria with some yummy food cooked for you to make sure that you don’t skip your meals for the day during your treatment.
  • While our experts might be busy at times with other patients, with no intention to make your day boring, we have also set up snooker tables only for you.
  • Well facilitated Dress-up rooms and massage chairs for you to get freshen up after your treatment.
  • We have air purifiers accommodated in every room to make sure that you are taking in fresh air.
  • We offer Aromatherapy to keep you refreshed and healthy. Dental conference room to give the doctors a forum to share the knowledge and dental case studies in order to improve our health care services. Check out san diego downtown.
  • There is a nice dental photo studio setup for you to make sure that all your moments before and after the smile makeover are captured.
  • We have the latest technology and Infrastructure to make things easier for you. We have CBCT room where we can get your digital x-rays done within fraction of seconds and let you know your dental condition.
  • We have 6 operatory chambers to make sure that we don’t keep you waiting for your turn. We are equipped with Microscopic endodontics for a painless root canal treatment with good and sterilized Conscious sedation apparatus along with the facilities to conduct blood diagnostics.
  • We Specialize once for all fix to your tooth issues with Cerec technology. Check website here.
  • We have a huge waiting area for our patients along with executive lounges along with fresh up rooms to clean yourself up after your treatment.
  • We have 24/7 backup for electricity with international standard stabilizers to make sure there is no interruption in your treatment along with uninterrupted wifi service exclusively for you. Check how to find san diego hvac near me.
  • We care for your life so we have the high standards when its comes to fire safety and norms.
  • With Eledent, parking is no more a issue with our valet parking services.

Above details are official statement. With these worldcare facilities, we want to make sure that our customers are always at their comfort level to yield better results in their dental care.