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Braces & Aligners

Braces Treatments

It is a common notion that teeth braces are just for kids. But more adults are having their teeth straightened these days. If you are one of the people considering braces, it might come to you as a relief that you have more choices than ever with Eledent. In Hyderabad, Eledent offers a range of braces treatments that can help correct misaligned bites and crooked teeth. These treatments include retainers and braces for straightening teeth. A lot of general dentists perform essential orthodontics and alignments, but orthodontists are usually experienced in correcting the imperfections of the teeth.

How is it done?

The orthodontist or dentist you prefer will usually ask questions about your health, take photos of your face and teeth, conduct a clinical exam, take impressions of your teeth, and order X-rays of your mouth and head. A proper treatment method is constructed based on the analysis of the accumulated information.

If you never had orthodontic treatment as a child, you might surely have problems that were left unnoticed, like an underbite or overbite, crooked tooth, or a misaligned jaw. You might be experiencing tooth decay, earaches, or headaches, chewing issues, or even gum diseases consequently. The best time period for orthodontic treatment is after a complete teeth eruption. You may have a better opportunity to get these problems fixed as an adult with orthodontic braces or invisible braces.

What are the different types of braces?

If you think braces are indeed the answer to your tooth problems, your dentist or orthodontist will suggest a tool specially catering to your needs. These braces may consist of wires, bands, and other framed or detachable corrective tools. Your oral history and your day-to-day practices determine the type of tool used for your braces procedure.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces apply continuous pressure over a while to slowly migrate teeth in a precisely desired direction. As these teeth move, the bone changes form according to the force applied.

Our teeth are thought to be directly connected to our jawbone, so it’s difficult to visualize how they can be moved. However, beneath the gums is a membrane surrounded by your bones responsible for anchoring your teeth onto your jaw. You pressure the membrane when you wear braces, and it controls how your teeth position themselves.

Getting braces doesn’t hurt during the appointment, and it takes between one to two hours for them to be installed. You may experience soreness for the first week you have braces as you adjust. Each time your orthodontist adjusts your braces, you may also be sore for a few days.

Braces work slowly, and treatments vary for everyone. Speak to our dentists if you’re curious about getting braces.

These days braces are replaced by Invisalign. It is worn by the patients for convenience


We also provide dental alignment services through modern technological equipment such as Invisalign

These are invisible and detachable dental aligners to straighten your teeth and give an appealing outlook.


  • Fits into your lifestyle
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Help in reducing mouth sores, speech and chewing difficulties
  • Help in reducing sleep apnea
  • Maintal dental health and hygiene