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Atraumatic Extraction

Atraumatic Extraction

An atraumatic extraction is a tooth extraction technique used to remove the damaged teeth using specialized tools while causing minimal damage or trauma to the surrounding bone and tissues. It’s maybe best defined as minimally INVASIVE , which will appeal to anyone dealing with tooth loss, and it’s the approach we employ at Eledent dental facilities whenever feasible.
An Atraumatic method of tooth extraction involves usage of Physics forceps and Piezo surgery unit to make the post extraction stage painless for speedy recovery

Why is it needed?

The ridge preservation procedure relies heavily on the atraumatic extraction technique. The quantity and quality of bone and the gingival architecture will be retained if this approach is used. It will lead to a more predictable implant location and placement in the long run. A more predictable healing pattern can be attained by following the basic principles of atraumatic tooth extraction and using a Proximator or Periotome, as the vitality of the periodontal ligament and the surrounding blood supply is maintained.

How does it benefit you?
It is incredibly beneficial since it helps retain as much bone as possible, making it much simpler to insert dental implants immediately or later after healing. It keeps the jawbone’s full width and height, and anxious patients may find this gentle approach more tolerable. The bone, surrounding gum tissue, and other adjacent tissues like nerves are less likely to be damaged. Once the tooth has been repaired with a dental implant, it can produce considerably superior outcomes.

How Is It Done?

Traditional tooth extraction procedures employ regular forceps to virtually wobble the tooth out of its socket before extracting it with horizontal pressures. If you’ve ever had a tooth removed the traditional way, you’ve probably heard a loud cracking sound when the tooth fell free.

Atraumatic tooth extraction preserves the socket and surrounding bone by solely using vertical pressures to remove the tooth (like using a corkscrew to remove the cork from a bottle of wine). Even teeth that have been broken down and haven’t been capped, or teeth with vertical fractures along the tooth’s length, can benefit from the procedure.

No, because we’ll make sure you get some new teeth. We will put the dental implant in as soon as feasible and give you a temporary tooth while the implant heals and integrates with your jawbone. We don’t leave our patients with an unsightly gap following tooth extraction since our goal is to make the procedure as painless as possible.

Suppose you are faced with tooth loss and want to replace your teeth in the least traumatic way possible. Why not ask Eledent Dental hospital about atraumatic tooth extractions and immediate dental implants in Hyderabad? A consultation with Eledent Dental Hospital should be sufficient to discover if this technique will work for you.