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    Root Canal Treatment


    Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad

    According to the American Association of Endodontists, the most feared dental procedure of all is root canal treatment. That’s not surprising; in our society, root canals have been characterized as being excruciating and unbearable. Despite this stigma, root canal treatment relieves your pain and helps in preventing more complicated oral issues down the lane. On the contrary, root canal treatment aims to relieve the person of pain and not cause it.

    What is a Root Canal?

    A “root canal” is a term used to describe the natural cavity in the center of a tooth. This contains a soft area known as the pulp chamber that houses the nerves together. If this area becomes irritated or infected due to cavities, trauma or decay, root canal therapy is necessary. If not treated on time, the infection can cause an abscess which will lead to swelling of face, neck and bone loss around the roots of teeth.

    Looking for Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad at the Best Dental Clinic

    Get the root canal treatment in Hyderabad done at Eledent dental hospitals. We focus on providing painless root canal treatment to your patients by utilizing the latest technology that is there in the field. Depending upon the condition of the tooth, root canal treatment can be done in not more than one or two visits. In case of any discomfort you experience, book an appointment at Eledent for a painless root canal treatment in Hyderabad.

    Symptoms of a Root Canal Problem

    • Severe tooth pain and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
    • Tooth becomes discolored
    • Swollen, tender gums
    • A recurring pimple that forms on the gums

    Root Canal Treatment Procedure

    Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad

    In the past years, root canal treatments would take multiple long visits. Now, the procedure can be completed in a single visit in less than an hour. We, at Eledent dental hospital, strive to provide the best root canal treatment in Hyderabad, hence, keep up with the technology and incorporate the same in root canal treatment procedures for the benefit of our patients. The basic process of root canal treatment in Hyderabad involves:

    X-ray: To determine the cause or if you need a root canal,

    Anesthesia: A local anesthesia is given to the affected tooth. Unlike the popular belief, the root canal is only as painful as a tooth filling.

    Pulpectomy: The diseased tooth pulp is removed by making an opening.

    Filling: The opened roots are filled with gutta percha material and are sealed off with cement.

    During the process of root canal treatment at our dental hospital,

    • The area around the target tooth is numbed, isolated and sterilized from bacteria
    • The infected tissue is removed and replaced by a rubber filling material
    • The tooth is then built back up and prepared for a crown


    Don’t continue to live in pain or let your fears get the better of you. At Eledent dental hospitals in Hyderabad, the team of experienced doctors provide the best root canal treatment in Hyderabad. If the cost of the root canal treatment in Hyderabad is what delays you getting a root canal treatment, look no further than Eledent dental hospital as we give you the best price for your root canal treatment. Getting the root canal treatment in Hyderabad at our dental clinic done once can avoid further problems as well as protect the tooth from infection.

    ROOT CANAL TREATMENT – Root canal treatment is the most preferred treatment to retain the natural tooth against conditions like tooth decay, tooth decay leading to pain, fracture or cracks in the tooth.

    At FMS we focus on providing Root canal treatment to the patient utilizing latest techniques of rotary Endodontics thereby reducing clinical procedure time. The procedures usually take 30-35 minutes and can be completed in one or two visits depending upon the condition of the tooth.

    The treatment is done under Local anaesthesia which makes it a painless procedure.

    We at FMS also practice digital record keeping which further ensures higher quality and safer care for the patient.

    Root Canal Treatment (X Smart – ProTaper system)4,500 – 6,00071 – 9457 – 76
    Root Canal Treatment (LASER assisted)5,500 – 8,00086 – 12570 – 101

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