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    Why Implants?

    Man is a social animal. We like to go places, eat great food, and socialize. But most importantly we want to be liked by people. And whenever we talk with someone, the first thing they see is our teeth. But imagine if our teeth are yellow or discolored and not the pearly white we hope they are. Or maybe they are chipped or missing. It immediately brings down our confidence level. It affects our personal and professional lives. 

    It is said that tooth ache is the worst form of ache. And if even a single tooth hurts, we have to see a dentist. Some times when we go to a dentist we get the news that we might have to end up losing one or more of our teeth. And this starts the fear of survival and looks and appearances and pain and the expense.

    Sometimes we may have to go for dentures or bridges, which need maintenance and have to be taken conscious care of, as they are not a permanent solution. Due to these many reasons we need a permanent solution to all our tooth related woes. But rest assured, thanks to the new technology, “dental implants” we can get back our smile, our confidence, our professional and our personal life. The implant is a permanent solution for our missing teeth, it stays us forever. Therefore it very important that the procedure should be done by a good dentist or a good dental practitioner.

    Basically the implant is done in two steps or procedures. First a screw is inserted into the bone. This screw is very much different from the screw we buy from any hardware shop. This one is made up of a bio-grade material called Titanium. As it is a biocompatible material, it fuses easily with the bone through a process called osseo-integration. This helps the screw stay firmly in place. The second part is the crown. The Crown is made of ceramic and porcelain, and gives the look that resembles our natural teeth exactly. The cost depends upon the choice of the crown material which you choose. If the tooth is lost recently, then there usually is enough bone for the screw to be inserted. But if it has been lost for a long time and there is not enough bone, then a procedure called bone grafting is done to build the bone back, which again will add up to the cost. 

    Your dental implants are going to be a permanent foreign bodies being implanted into our body and therefore must be of good quality so as to prevent complications or rejection reactions or adverse effects. And for this reason we have to overlook the pricing. Because quality of healthcare is more important that the cost.

    Another thing to remember is that before implant procedure, there are many tests and X-rays to be done. These are done to help your doctor carry out the procedure in the best and the least invasive way possible.

    Not to be forgotten is that these are now going to become our permanent teeth. So even if a bit expensive, they are still it worth it. And we at Eledent Hospitals will make sure that you get the best service, care, quality and treatment that you and your teeth deserve.

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