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    We aim to make the Dentistry treatments easy and simpler for our patients who walk-in as we value the effort of the processes which are with EHS water damage mission viejo and hope that they put in us. We have evolved as a technology-driven Digital Dentistry that will help in overcoming the flaws in the traditional dental treatments and methods. We have come up with some advanced technologies that will help to fasten the treatment methods and provide utmost comfort to the patient.


    Cerec Omnicam

    CEREC Ominican is handy and used in different dental surgeries and implants. They assist as the perfect scanner and help in getting high-resolution 3D images. Check out With a quicker view of the patient dental condition, the dentist will be able to suggest the treatment according and can get started with the treatment.

    Sirona CAD-CAM

    With the advanced CAD-CAM technology (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing in Dentistry), new tooth or a dental crown is restored for the affected one in a single visit. The technology scans the mouth completely and gives out high-quality 3D images that help the dentists in detail analyzing the patient condition. They further assist in redesigning and manufacturing the tooth structure.

    Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

    CBCT replaces the traditional and painful way of taking dental X-rays. The images even in the intraoral are easily captured with the help of CBCT. The data can be immediately transferred and shared making the things easier for the patient.

    Zoom Whitening

    The traditional whitening process was more of a manual and use to depend on the way the solution was spread across the tooth by the dentist. In Zoom whitening, the dentist rely on the Hydrogen Peroxide which helps in breaking down the stains and discolorations give the perfect flawless white.

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