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    Depigmentation Of Gums

    One cannot deny the importance of several oral and extraoral factors. The gums are important intraoral tissues when affected particularly by pigmentation are mainly responsible for the unpleasant appearance. Health and appearance of gums are essential parts of a smile. The pigment of the gums varies among several individuals, and it is associated with cutaneous pigmentation. The most frequent cause of darker pigments in the gums is genetics. Extreme melanin can form in the gums, causing them to look brown or black instead of pink. This extra pigment does not always indicate any dysfunction or disease. One may seek the depigmentation treatment because of aesthetic preference towards pink gums that showcase their teeth better. Depigmentation of the gums is also called as Gingival hyperpigmentation. It is a significant aesthetic matter for several people. Although it is not a severe medical problem, many people agree that dark gums as not aesthetic. Gingival depigmentation is a periodontal plastic surgical procedure.
    Some other reasons for dark gums include habits like smoking or side effects as a result of certain medications and the potential influence of amalgam fillings on the gum.

    Causes of pigmentation in gums

    It may vary from physiologic reasons like racial pigmentation to malignant neoplasms like melanoma and Kaposi’s sarcoma to indications of systemic illnesses like Addison’s disease. It is necessary to know the cause of a mucosal pigmentation before preparing the treatment of such injury.

    Laser Gum Depigmentation sublimates and eliminates a thin top layer of the gum tissue by erasing the cells that generate melanin. While a new tissue is created through the healing process, it tends to be pink rather than brown. This treatment may need a local anesthetic needle and usually has a short recovery period with manageable ache. Sometimes depending on the depth of the dark patch and color, the black gums treatment could take several sittings to obtain the sought level of lightening.

    The principal guideline merely is that the gums need to be healthy. We can assess your gum health at the free consultation that you have with our dentist. This will help the dentist understand as to what has caused the depigmentation and what degree of treatment has to be done for your gums.

    This cosmetic treatment is not suitable for:

    Patients with dark gums which are caused by periodontal disease (this is not exactly a surface pigment problem)
    Patients with peculiar oral diseases
    Patients with thin gum tissue or prominent tooth roots (they may be experiencing an ongoing sensitivity in case the removal of gum tissue accidentally exposes the roots)
    Patients taking blood thinners (these can cause excessive bleeding during treatment)

    At Eledent, we understand the importance of your oral hygiene and the importance of the look and feel factor it adds to. The gums in this case play an important role as they directly depict the healthiness and feel good factor to the mouth. Apart from depigmentation of gums, we also provide other procedures that aid in the process of giving you the best smile.

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