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    In the dental world, we have various treatments that can help in improving and providing the best results for our dental problems such as dental implants, dental surgery, smile setting, and so on. The cavity is the basis for all the dental issues. The doctor might suggest you any of the dental implants in Hyderabad treatment based on the spread of the cavity and how worst your tooth is being affected. One of the main treatments that patients come in is for root canal treatment where the cavity is removed through a surgical procedure to a certain extent, and a cap which looks like teeth are placed to make sure the cavity is intact and does not spread. This can help to save your teeth. Get your treatments for dental implants, dental implant surgery, and other dental implants related procedures done at Eledent dental hospital, the best dental clinic which offers the best treatment for dental implant surgery in Hyderabad. We offer the best dental implants in Hyderabad which will make you look no further.

    Best Dental Implants in Hyderabad at the best dental clinic

    If you have been careless and reckless over your dental issue, then you may need to go for an advanced level of treatment which is the advanced dental implants; and, Eledent, the best dental hospital in Hyderabad, specialized in doing the best dental implants in Hyderabad. A dental implant is a process where an artificial tooth is placed as a replacement for your affected tooth. The tooth is strengthened through an implant process. In the dental implants process, a surgical metal component is placed alongside your jawbone line to make sure that your new teeth are aligned with the others and also is stronger when it comes to the roots. With the advanced world-class equipment and technology at Eledent, the best dental hospital in Hyderabad, we specialize in dental implants in Hyderabad to make the procedure simple and pain-free for our patients. If you are facing trouble with your teeth, do not delay. At Eledent dental hospital, we discuss all your concerns regarding dental implants in Hyderabad, dental implant surgery, its procedure, benefits and only then begin the process. Be it a single tooth replacement or replacement of a set of teeth, our team of experts has a solution for everything. Look no further for dental implants in Hyderabad and book an appointment today at Eledent dental clinic, for the best dental implant surgery in Hyderabad.

    What Are Dental Implants?

    Affordable Cost of Dental Implants in Hyderabad, India at Eledent Hospitals

    Dental implants are a replacement for your affected tooth roots. They are metal frames or posts that the doctor positions through a surgical procedure, generally called dental implant surgery, into the jawbone beneath the gums. Once the posts are placed, the replacement tooth is then placed onto them. Once the dental implant surgery in Hyderabad is done, the patient will have a natural looking and fully functioning teeth.
    Dental implants in Hyderabad are available in different heights, sizes, and types. We, at Eledent Dental Clinic, carefully diagnose and depending on your specific needs, determine which option would suit you the best. Dental implants are an ideal replacement for missing or affected the tooth, and you can get natural looking teeth with the dental implant surgery in Hyderabad.

    Types Of Dental Implants In Hyderabad | Dental Implant Surgery

    There are two main types of dental implant surgery in Hyderabad, and Eledent dental clinic specializes in doing both.
    Endosteal Dental Implants: These dental implants are typically made of titanium and are shaped like small screws. They are placed in the jawbone. We have the best dental implants in Hyderabad; hence you won’t need to look elsewhere.
    Subperiosteal dental Implants: These dental implants are positioned under the gum and above or below the jawbone. This type of dental implants in Hyderabad are typically used for people whose natural jawbone is not healthy or do not want to, or cannot undergo a bone augmentation procedure.

    At Eledent dental hospitals in Hyderabad, our doctors incorporate the latest and most effective technology in treating the patients’ and provide quality dental implants in Hyderabad ensuring no further trouble.


    One Piece Implants – Affordable Dental Implants in Hyderabad

    The field of Dental implants has evolved based on the patient’s demand for teeth in one day or immediate teeth. Modern implantology can give patients immediate teeth, which was a dream till a decade back. Today patients can walk into a dental implant center and walk out with a set of fixed teeth on tooth implants. Various techniques like teeth in a day and teeth in an hour, etc have brought a great change in patient’s lives. Our technique “Permanent teeth in 3 Days” is today’s most advanced technique which allows immediate permanent teeth in 3 days. All this is possible because of one piece of implants, which are designed to give immediate teeth. Almost all patients are eligible for these new generation implants because these latest implants do not require any bone augmentation and they are relatively cheap dental implants.

    Dental implant surgery in Hyderabad

    Single piece implants are the most convenient for the patient because of the following reasons:

    » A single trip of 3 days is enough for the replacement of teeth, as they are designed for immediate loading.
    » Affordable treatment because of the inexpensive dental implant.
    » Lifetime warranty on these implants because of their dependable solid structure with no complications.
    » No swelling or bleeding as these are flapless.

    One Piece Implants – Affordable dental implants

    One piece of implants (figures 1, 3) are more reliable and strong compared to the conventional screw based implants because they are single component solid implants. Conventional implants (figures 2, 4) with screw joining the implant and abutment have many complications. The connecting screw is as thin as 2mm and its breakage is common. Loosening of the screw is common after several years and they have to be periodically tightened. 2 piece implants with angulation or in cantilevers are more prone to screw loosening and breakage (figure 5). Because of the joint in between the implant and the abutment, there is leakage of food debris causing bone loss (figure 4). As such 2 piece implants are never given lifetime warranty. All companies are eliminating the use of screw and shifting to single piece implants or they are incorporating Morse cone in 2 piece implants.

    Here are some of the advantages of using single piece systems:

    A single piece implant being a single component structure has no joints or a connecting screw. This eliminates all the nagging complications of 2 piece implants. As such these implants do not have any problems that are associated with conventional screw based implants.

    › No screw as such no screw loosening or breakage
    › No microleakage between implant components as these are single component and hence
    › No crestal bone loss, which is commonly seen in 2 piece implants
    › Very strong – a 3mm single piece implant is stronger than 4 mm conventional implant
    » These are designed especially for immediate loading. As such a permanent crown or bridge is placed in 3 days.
    The procedures are flapless, quick and simple. There is no need to cut the gum. Patients on aspirin or heparin need not stop the medicines
    Cheap dental implants which make missing teeth replacement very affordable. The manufacturing cost of one piece of implants is much less compared to 2 or 3 piece implants. As such the one piece implants are relatively cheap to more complex 2 or 3 piece implants. Dental implant treatment is more affordable as patients need not come back after 3 months. Their crown is fixed within 3 days as such all the work is completed in 3 days in a single trip.
    All brands are now shifting to one piece implants.

    The Implants are globally agreed from accrediated companies

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