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    Biofunctional Prosthetic System Dentures

    Why BPS?

    Dentures made using BPS (Biofunctional prosthetic system) will always chew better, feel more comfortable to wear and will look more natural and more like the old teeth, before extraction, because ELEDENT spends much more time personalizing them for the different BPS process we use.

    BPS means Bio Functional Prosthetic System which uses the latest techniques for bite registration and impression taking. This will eliminate more inaccuracies and sore spots in logging the bite.

    The use of facebow is the best tool in establishing the correct position of the upper jaw (maxilla) in relation to the lower jaw. We transfer the recording to the articulator which copies the jaw movements. Helping us to accurately spot the teeth for balancing when chewing and better function. This makes the dentures more consistent by eliminating too much action.

    When one had to try in of the replica dentures and are satisfied with appearance, position, size, and color and that they meet your aesthetic expectations, we can still move the teeth to look more irregular or rearrange to show more teeth, etc. as they are yet made with wax at this level.

    After the process, the dentures using our latest BPS Ivocap Injection Process to create your new dentures.

    BPS System

    Molds are made using plaster and stone which is a replica of the gums. The wax replica denture is boiled out, and a special high Impact Acrylic is forced into the molds at 6 bar continuously until the acrylic is cured because the pink part of your denture is under 6 bar pressure, this gives a superior bond to the artificial teeth and because we have a replica of your gums creates a far better fit with improved suction. This is the result of the careful scientific study at the Ivoclar factory from the past 30 years.

    Ivocap Injection – can create a much denser and stronger denture as the acrylic under so much pressure packs the molecules much thicker together making the acrylic much harder. We notice this when trimming and polishing the dentures, makes it easier to clean and stain far less providing to follow the cleaning instructions. We at ELEDENT expect our patients to get 7 – 10 years out of their dentures before requiring replacement and would wait to see our patients through our recall system after 2 -3 years for a reline.

    Relines are essential for patients particular that had recent extractions as the gums continue to heal and shrink after extractions. This shrinkage is often unequal creating voids and pressure points below the fitting surface, this creates stress in the denture, and often the result can be a denture fracture. A reline helps to replace the tissue that has shrunk back making the denture fit like stronger and new.

    We do the majority of the relines using Ivocap.

    BPS Executive Dentures

    Initial consultation where we discuss your expectations, any problems you might have in your existing dentures, tooth selection, and lip support.

    1st impression taken

    The 2nd impression is used individual trays and latest impression techniques using rubber

    Bite registration using Face Bow in some cases Gnathnometre with difficult bites

    “State of the Art” Stratos Articulator is to represent jaw movements and unique 3D set up the jig to position teeth for superior balance and functions.

    Processing using IVOCAP continuous injection into the molds results in better tooth bond denser pink acrylic, better fit to the gums and absorbs fewer stains and bacteria.

    Tooth Selection to match the size and skin tone appropriate premium P E Ivoclar teeth with the composite layer with advanced layering technique to create alive natural-looking translucent teeth – tough wearing.

    Teeth are set and tried in the mouth, which can be adjusted to give that just perfect aesthetic appearance, personal character.

    Gums are carved and copied to natural Gum Gingivae texture and contours with artificial rugae in the palate to help phonetics.

    Includes 2 complimentary adjustments with V.I.P. priority

    Finished to very high V.I.P. standard and polished incisal edge characterized.

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