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    Root Canal Treatmen; What, How and Why

    We have all had to visit the dentist at least once in our lifetimes. And the one phrase that sends chills down our spines is ROOT CANAL TREATMENT. But in all of honesty it isn’t as scary as we have made it out to be. In this blog we are going to learn a little bit about the Root Canal Treatment; what it is, how it’s done and what are its benefits.

    ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is a procedure which is done when one or more of our teeth is infected and hurts badly because of the decay of the pulp and the nerve damage. The decay can cause infection, which can lead to abscess inside the tooth. This may further lead to swelling on the face or neck and may sometimes even lead to a little bone loss on the tooth tip.

    Beneath our tooth, there is a nerve which passes through the pulp. This nerve is associated with the sensations like hot or cold. If this nerve is damaged, sensitivity starts and the tooth starts to hurt. Root Canal Treatment is the best option here, as in this procedure the pulp and nerve are removed and the tooth is cleaned from inside, sealed and most importantly it is saved from extraction. We can say it is a procedure in which the tooth is repaired rather than extracted. 

    Now let’s see how the procedure is done. We already know that the nerve and pulp are infected. The dentist takes an x-ray of the tooth and once the location of the abscess is confirmed, the doctor starts the treatment.  He administers local anesthesia, which causes numbing of the jaw and mouth.  With a few small instruments, he removes the connection between the nerve and the tooth so that it doesn’t hurt and it becomes useless or dead (Don’t worry, the absence of the nerve has no effect on our daily routine).  He does this in a couple of sittings. Once confirmed that the tooth doesn’t hurt anymore and after a repeat x-ray he seals the tooth with a filling (Gold, Silver Amalgam, or Porcelain) and  fixes a crown on the tooth. As simple as that.


    • Virtually painless
    • Faster recovery
    • Limits future procedures
    • Freedom from sensitivity
    • Can eat anything you want
    • No visible difference, Your Smile Stays Beautiful

    I think root canal treatment is the best amongst all the other dental treatments.  As it is a treatment which is done in the early stage of damage, it saves our tooth and ultimately saves us from other treatments and hassles related to tooth troubles.

    The sooner we go to the dentist, the sooner we can avoid extraction, which is a much more painful procedure, and benefit from a root canal treatment, which is less painful and the best and first choice of the doctor. 

    So next time you hear the word ROOT CANAL TREATMENT don’t be scared, rather thank your starts for early detection.

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