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    Dental Implants Treatment

    Dental implants in Hyderabad at Eledent are performed by the team of Implantologists for surgical precision. Our aesthetic dentists ensure supreme aesthetics of the crown i.e the visible teeth. We have accomplished thousands of implants for people across the world with the overall success rate of 99.3%. In our dental implant, we use only globally accepted implant system. Our prices are the most competitive and affordable in India. We have a broad range of implant options like immediate load implants, all on 4, all on 6, zirconia implants, etc which makes it the perfect choice for anyone who seeks dental implants. We are equipped with the latest technology for instant diagnosis. We at Eledent Hospitals understand that dental implants in India are not just a dental need but also an emotional one. Our team members make sure they guide you through the entire process of making an informed choice and be available for you after the procedure is done through regular dental check-ups by experienced dentists.

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    Facilities at our Dental Hospital in Hyderabad

    The dental chair used in a dental hospital is one of the few medical equipment that has to be designed with more than the traditional form and functional approach, it also has to provide comfort given how much time patients spend on it during the course of their treatment in our dental hospital. The selection procedure for dental chairs for dental clinics involves a comprehensive testing on the reliability and quality of sterilization of the water circuit. (The water lines are sterilized after every patient). We use dental chair that are equipped with self disinfection system.

    When it comes to our commitment to provide our patients the most secure, effective and best dental choices, Eledent, best dental clinic in Hyderabad is equipped with a standout amongst the most technologically advanced digital x-ray. Digital x-rays used in our dental hospital are more secure, quicker, more precise, and much more biologically faithful than their traditional counterparts. The x-rays require no film, thus reducing exposure to radiation by 90 percent and dispensing with hazardous waste. Patients can essentially close their mouths on digital sensors while our PCs procedure the pictures within seconds. We have 3D imaging facility (CBCT) at our dental clinics.

    Each operator at Eledent dental clinic in Hyderabad is sight and sound integrated with 19” top and high quality, screen monitor. This allows the patient to be aware of the process in real time and also allows the dentist to explain to the patient the various intricacies of the process. Our dental clinics believe in transparency so that the patients have complete idea of the process going on.

    Eledent Dental Hospital in Hyderabad uses cutting-edge technology to better help you understand the diagnosis and treatment planning with an intraoral camera. An intraoral camera is a very tiny camera with high resolution only a couple of millimeters long through which a clear depiction of your mouth, teeth, and gums can be seen with all its anomalies, at far better accuracy than the standard dental mirror. This assists the doctor in dental clinics in making accurate and faster diagnosis resulting in lesser chair time for you. Additionally, the doctor in our dental hospital saves the images with detailed report for future references. Our dental hospital has powder free cerec omnicam which captures the 3D intraoral images. With a combination of a team of expert doctors and exceptional equipment, we are the best dental hospital in Hyderabad.

    Remember the dentist’s Hand Drill that you might have come across on your visit to a dental hospital, and its ear-piercing sound that made you want to grind your teeth, quiet ironical feeling wasn’t it. Eledent is one of the few Dental Clinics known for Dental surgery in Hyderabad to use handpieces with innovatively propelled CE ensured electrical and air driven fiber optic LED handpieces. They are quieter, more comfortable and create less vibration, They are also completely thermo disinfectable and sterilizable.

    Correct cleaning and emollient are fundamental to the functioning and life of dental instruments. Our hospital utilizes the best air-driven support unit intended for straight and contra-point dental handpieces, turbines, air motors and air-driven scalers. Our best dental clinic in Hyderabad, provides a unique experience in dental care with advanced systems & best customer. We have the best sterilization system with fumigation, class B sterilizer, Ultrasonic cleaner and UE chamber. For all types of digital surgeries at dental clinics in Hyderabad, Eledent, the best dental clinics, is one stop solution.

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