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    How to Choose Your Dentist

    “Your smile can make someone’s day” and a Dentist makes your smile.

    In current times it is so difficult to find a great dentist of our liking because there are so many graduating each year. And since a dentist works so closely with our smiles it’s important to choose the best. 

    We go to a dentist for various reasons. If our teeth are healthy we go for a general checkup or cleaning or scaling or whitening. These procedures usually take only one day or one sitting. But sometimes when our teeth hurt we have to go through longer procedures that require 2 more sittings; like to root canals and crowns and clips and braces and implants. The list is never ending. And that is why it is very important to choose your dentist correctly. Because once a treatment is started it cannot be stopped midway.

    There are a few things we have to keep in mind when we choose a dentist 

    1. Accessibility: your dentist has to be close to your workplace or your home so that you can go frequently, as and when required. And also because you never know when multiple sittings might be required
    2. Reviews: it’s always great to have honest reviews from old patients. Consulting with maybe relatives, friends, neighbors or even complete strangers on health websites, (who have undergone similar procedures or been to the same doctor you are considering) can be beneficial. Just by listening to their experiences or  reading their reviews we can understand what to expect and this definitely helps in the decision making process. 
    3. Hygiene: Don’t forget to check for cleanliness of instruments and the general area of the clinic area.
    4. Finance: Another thing you have to keep in mind about while choosing a dentist is the financial implications. that does not mean that you go for the one that is the cheapest but rather you make sure that the services you are thinking to avail are well within your budget or at least covered by insurance, because you would not want to leave a procedure mid way just because the price is not what you are expecting

    After you have decided on a dentist and before starting your treatment, there are a few more steps. The most important thing to do is to communicate. Ask your dentist about any further questions that you have regarding the procedure; any side effects or complications that you should be prepared for in the future; communicate about any condition you have or any medications or treatments you are undergoing now, any allergies that you have. This is very important as dental procedures cannot be reversed; so having a clear idea about your procedure and giving a clear idea to your doctor about your condition is extremely important.

    When you do this you will also be able to find out whether your dentist is patient and nice enough to sit down and guide you through your procedure and talk to you about any nervousness or anxiety that you feel before a complex or lengthy procedure.

    So think about this, choose the best one and keep smiling. 

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