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    Types of Implants

    Some time ago we spoke about what implants are and why they are a good option for our teeth. We learned about the benefits of implants and certain basics of the procedure. In today’s blog we are going to talk about three very common types of dental implants: All-On-4 Implants, Basal Implants, and Zygomatic Implants.  […]

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    Root Canal Treatmen; What, How and Why

    We have all had to visit the dentist at least once in our lifetimes. And the one phrase that sends chills down our spines is ROOT CANAL TREATMENT. But in all of honesty it isn’t as scary as we have made it out to be. In this blog we are going to learn a little […]

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    Oral Hygiene and Nutrition

    A very old saying says, “A smile is the only curve that sets all the things straight.” It means a simple smile makes everything alright and better. Whenever we meet a stranger or a very important person, the first thing we do is smile and only then do we start our conversation. It means that […]

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    How to Choose Your Dentist

    “Your smile can make someone’s day” and a Dentist makes your smile. In current times it is so difficult to find a great dentist of our liking because there are so many graduating each year. And since a dentist works so closely with our smiles it’s important to choose the best.  We go to a […]

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    Why Implants?

    Man is a social animal. We like to go places, eat great food, and socialize. But most importantly we want to be liked by people. And whenever we talk with someone, the first thing they see is our teeth. But imagine if our teeth are yellow or discolored and not the pearly white we hope […]

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    Dentistry Gallery Post

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    Dentistry Quote Post

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    Micky Hubbon

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    Dent Modern Services at Dentist Clinic Center

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